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Residential Stucco

Stucco is a beautiful and traditional exterior finish for homes in New Mexico, and we are experts in making it look the best. We are simply the best choice when it comes to putting that finishing touch on your new home, ensuring that it is protected from the elements and stays beautiful for years to come. A free home estimate helps you select a finish that fits your needs and your budget.

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Stucco Repair

Have the years been less than kind to your home’s exterior stucco finish? Are cracks, faded colors, or missing sections plaguing the beauty of your home? If so, we can help restore the look of your home to it’s former glory with a fresh restucco finish. We can also make sure your roof is protected with parapet repair services.

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Commercial Stucco

From projects ranging from large to small, B.W.Earp can take care of your commercial stucco needs. Our past commercial projects range from hospitals to strip malls. Our team of exterior finish professionals ensure that your project is finished on your schedule, and fits your budget.

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Interior Plaster

If you are looking to upgrade the beauty, style and value of your home, interior plaster is the perfect solution for you. Beautiful and durable, the many types of interior plaster available from B.W.Earp can match any home style. Set your home apart and let our interior plaster services turn your home into living art.

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