Why is my stucco so ugly?

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Causes Of Stucco Damage In New Mexico

Stress Cracks – As a hard surface, stucco bears a great deal of stress as the home settles and during hot-cold expansion periods. When settling or expansion and contractions are severe enough, the stucco cracks.

Accidents – Believe it or not, it’s not that uncommon for a car to strike a house, damaging the stucco as a result.

Construction and Remodeling – Stucco repair is common during and after remodeling. For example, when installing a new window, unless the new window is the same size as the old one, a hole will need to be cut or additional wall and siding materials applied to fill smaller openings. In either case, the stucco surrounding the window will need to be repaired and finished. Similarly, if you’re adding a room addition, the new room will need siding to match the rest of the house.

Water Intrusion – If water gets behind the stucco, it will slowly cause stucco damage from the inside out. You may notice blemishes, peeling, or blisters in the stucco. How does water get between stucco? Roof leaks, gutter overflows, poorly placed sprinklers, pipe leaks and breaks, and flooding are among the common causes of water intrusion affecting neighborhoods in Albuquerque.

Stucco repair has its challenges and requires an expert craftsman experienced in color and texture matching. Not only must the color and texture match the surrounding stucco, the materials used must have similar characteristics to the original stucco materials. The craftsman at B.W.Earp are experts at restoring a stucco exterior. Here’s how they do it:

Stucco Repair Process:

  • Trenching at base of building
  • Masking windows, shrubs, concrete, etc. as necessary
  • Hydro blast or Sandblast to remove loose and peeling paint
  • Patch and repair to industry standards
  • Apply adhesive, sealers, and/or water proofers to industry standards
  • Apply high quality stucco finish coat