Acrylic Finish Vs Stucco Finish

Acrylic stucco finishes are used as the last coating for concrete bases, with acrylic being introduced much later than stucco. The latter has been used for several centuries while the former has only been around for several decades. Although both are great finishing materials, there are several differences between both, and knowing these will help homeowners or contractors decide on which to use best as a finishing material. Here are some common differences between the finishes.

Composition and Manufacture

Since stucco has been traditionally employed in construction projects, it makes use of naturally occurring materials. Stucco is composed of sand, lime and cement, while acrylic is synthetic. This spells the difference, suggesting which one is a more environmentally friendly finish to use. Since homeowners have the last decision when it comes to finishing material, it is up to the contractor to explain the difference between the two.
Color Options

Since acrylic finishes are synthetic, they come in many different colors suited for any type of background. The color is also consistent and quite uniform. It can be made into lighter shades as well as into darker ones. Since stucco only holds a few pigments, color is not that flexible. Although there are colored stucco finishes, homeowners will not find a large variety of them. This is the reason why those who prefer to have colorful homes use acrylic finishes as an alternative to stucco.

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